Resume And Documentation

  • Do's

    1. Get information about the company before interview or application.

    2. Practice for answering personal questions.

    3. Dress properly and be well groomed.

    4. Have some money in the pocket.

    5. Bring extra resume with passport size photo.

    6. Reach before time.

    7. Be polite for all the staff.

    8. Express Enthusiasm.

    9. Remember the name of interviewer.

    10. Sit up straight.

    11. Listen to interviewer first.

    12. Sell your ability only.

    13. Ask questions in the interview.

    14. Give thanks to interviewer.

    15. Follow up the interview with a phone call or letter.

  • Don’t

    1. Bring relatives, friends or child.

    2. Ask questions only about pay and benefits.

    3. Act as if you have to have this job no matter what.

    4. Bring up personal matters.

    5. Criticize former employee/company.

    6. Give petty excuses.

    7. Conversation with prior candidates