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Job Retention
  • Be ethical

    As simple as it may sound many people’s integrity and character is one of the quickest ways to get yourself fired. It’s hard to continue your job if you’re involved in any illegal activities.

  • Encourage and challenge others

    Having a positive attitude is often hard in a recession. Go against the norm – come to work with a smile.

  • Boss is always right

    If your immediate boss is not satisfied with our job or attitude, you cannot keep your job for long time.

  • Don’t get involved in Office Politics

    Office politics is harmful for employee, you don’t identify your friends and enemy in office.

  • Remember your family while you are at work

    Your family is having first right on your income, hence compromise your personal complex, phobia and bios.

  • Be Updated

    Most people have their job because they have a certain knowledge or have obtained it over the years either through experience or degrees/certifications. Do everything you can to keep your skills sharpened and “in-demand”.

  • Be willing to help others

    Don’t become solely focused on your projects or deadlines, but look around and help others. You never know…you just might need that other person’s help sometime.

  • Avoid taking long breaks

    If you struggle with the addiction of smoking or typically take long breaks, then work on taking less and shorter breaks. In a tough economy employers are taking a hard look at productivity and how much value they are getting out of you. More than 15 minutes ever four hours is enough.

  • Be humble yet confident in your abilities

    Most people think they that are “irreplaceable” or “could never be fired“ . Anyone is replaceable. ANYONE! No one likes someone who is arrogant about their skills and abilities. Your boss and co-workers are watching your attitude. Stay humble.