• Monthly Stipend Till Job

    IIPT is India’s First Company that insures trainee (For Module-LTET Only) for stipend Rs. 6000/- Per Month till the date of job joining. This is the unique feature of IIPT. As a matter of fact job is not being given by IIPT in the company itself. Trainees shall be placed in other companies. If placement is being late, IIPT is compensating it not only during the training period but even after the training period till job offered. Hence giving placement is guaranteed else IIPT is paying stipend from training starting date to job starting date.

  • 100% Placement Guarantee

    IIPT gives placement. Hence gives Training. Where other companies more bothers about training only, IIPT bother about core placement, any how placement.

  • In-house Placement Cell

    IIPT is having own In-house placement division for the placement of IIPT Trainees. IIPT is having about 1000 clients in all over India and every day IIPT is adding 6-10 more clients for placement.

  • Life Time Job Opportunity

    IIPT gives placement to currant trainees as well as alumni of IIPT. Now old trainees have become experienced and they are in search of better opportunities. IIPT helps them to get better jobs in Industrial Automation sectors.

  • Training @ own Project Company.

    IIPT is having own Industrial Automation Project Company. This company is the System House of Rockwell Automation, USA. The Automation training shall be conducted in this company.

  • Live Automation Project

    IIPT gives on site 2 live project training apart from classroom and lab training.

  • Industry Experienced Trainers

    IIPT believes in Industry Need Based Training (INBT). Hence only industry experienced working professional can train the trainees on as possible as actual industrial environment.

  • Business Opportunity

    IIPT gives business opportunities to trainees to be business owner/partner/franchisee in the field of Industrial Automation Project Company/Training Institute etc.