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Important components of your Scada system

Although you need sensors, control relays and a communications network to make a complete SCADA system, it’s your choice of a master station and RTUs that really determine the quality of your SCADA system

A Brief Note on Sensor and Networks

Sensor and control relays are essentially commodity items. Yes some sensors are better than others, but a glance at a spec sheet will tell you everything you need to know to choose between them. An ip LAN/WAN is the easiest kind of network to work with, and if you don’t yet have LAN capability throughout all your facilities, transitioning to LAN is probably one of your long-term goals. But you don’t have to move to LAN immediately or all at once to get the benefits of SCADA. The right SCADA system will support both your legacy network and LAN, enabling you to make a graceful , graduation transition.

What to for a SCADA RTU

Your SCADA RTU’s need to communicate with all your on-site equipment and survive under the harsh conditions of an industrial environment. Here a checklist of things you should expect from a quality RTU.

Sufficient capacity to support the equipment at your site but not more capacity than you actually will use.At every site, you want an RTU that can Support your expected growth over a reasonable period of time, but its simply wastefull to spend your budget on excess capacity that you won’t use. Rugged construction and ability to withstand extremes of temperature and humidity. You know how punishing on equipment your sites can be keep in mind that your SCADA system needs to be the most reliable in your facility.

Nonvolatile memory (NVRAM) for storing software and Firmware. NVRAM retains data even when power is lost. New firmware can be Easilly downloaded to NVRAM storage, Often Over LAN- so you can keep your RTU’s capabilities up to data without excessive site visits.

Intelligent Control. As | noted above, shophisticated SCADA remotes can control local systems by themselves according to programmed response to sensor inputs. This isn’t necessary for every application, but it done come in handy for some users. Rael time Clock for accurate date/time stamping of reports. Watchdog Timer to ensure that the RTU restarts after a power failure.