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Scada or supervisory control and data acquisition is a large scada control system for automated industrial processes like muncipal water supplies, Power generation, steel manufacturing, gas and oil pipelines etc. Scada also has application in large scale expirement facilities like those used in nucles fusion

The SCADA System

The measurement and control system of Scada has one master terminal unit (MTU) Which could be called the brain of the system and one or more remote terminal units (RTU). The RTUs Gather the data locally and send them to the MTU which then issues suitable commands to be executed on site. A system of either standard or customized software is used to collate, interpret and manage the data.

Scada as a naw uses predominantly open-loop control system, though some closed-loop characteristics are often built in. As this is an open-loop System, itmeans that SCADA system sannot use feedback to check what result its inputs have produced. In other words, there is no machine-learning.

SCADA and Other Control System

There are several other systems that are used for similar purposes as SCADA.These are generally Called Distributed Control System (DCS). The Function are the same;the difference is in the range. Distributed Control System are typically Effective within a confined area like a factory complex. Thus the communication is carried out through a local area network (LAN). These networkare highly dependable and fast, and can manage closed-loop (feedback based) control.Right now,the size and scope is what mark SCADA.

Where SCADA Scores

There are several system that have been in use for decades now, use for similar purposes. These are collectively called DCS. Such System are highly effectivein a closed area like a factory complex. But these system can not be used for large territories which come into the picture in the case of gas/oil pipelines, water supply system and so on.

There are also instances like nuclear fusion facilities where the operations are remote control due to safety considerations. SCADA is a system talor-make for such requirements.