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The SCADA RTU os a small ruggedized computers which provides intelligence in the field, and allow the central SCADA master to communicate with the field instruments. It is a stand alone data acquisition and control unit. Its function is to control process equipment at the remote site, accuire data from the equipment, and transfer the data back to the central SCADA system.

There are two basic types of RTU – the single board RTU which is compact, and contains all I/O on a single board, and the “modular RTU” which has a separate CPU module, and can have other modules added, normally by plugging into a common “backplane” ( a bit like a PC motherboard and plug in peripheral cards).

Discrete tags to store values such as 0 or 1 Ex: ON/Off status of a pump , valves switches etc.

A Typical Single Board RTU

This single board RTU normally has fixed i/o eg 16 digital inputs , 8 digitals outputs, 8 analogue inputs, and 8 analogue outputs. It is normally not possible to expand its capability.

The modular RTU is designed to be expand by addiding additional modules.Typical modules may be a 8 analog in module, a 8 digital out module.Some specialized modules such as a GPS` time stamp module may be available.