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How to Evaluate SCADA System And Hardware

Scada can do a lot for you – but how do you make sure that you’re really getting the full benefits of SCADA? Evaluating complex system can be tricky – especially if you have to learn a new technology while still doing your everyday job.

But you’ve got to be able to make an informed decision, because the stakes are incredibly high. A Scada system is a major, business -to-business purchase that your company will live with for maybe as long as 10 to 15 years. When you make a recommendation about a permanent system like that, you’re laying your reputation on the line and making a major commitment for your company.

And as much as SCADA can help you improve your operations, there are also some pitfalls to a hasty, unconsidered Scada implementation.

You can spend a fortune on unnecessary cost overruns

even after going way over budget, you can still end up with a system that dosen’t really meet all your needs.

Or just as bad, you can end up with an inflexible system that just meets your needs today, but cant easily expand as your needs grow So lets go over some guidelines for what you should look for in a scada system.