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What to look for in a SCADA master

Your SCADA master should display information in the most useful ways to human operators and intelligently regulated your managed system . Here’s a check list of SCADA master must have. Flexible, programmable response to sensor Inputs . Lock for a system that provide easy tools for programming soft alarms( reports of complex events that track combination of sensor inputs and date/time statements) and soft controls ( programmed control responses to sensor inputs ). 24/7 automatic pager and email notification . There’s no need to pay personnel to watch abroad 24 hours aday. If equipments needs human attentions , the SCADA master can automatically page an email directly to repair technicians.

Detailad informations display

You want a system that displays reporti in plain English with a complete description of what activity is happening and how can you manage it .

Nuisance alarm filtering : Nuisance fire alarm desensitize your staff to alarm reports and they start to believe that all the alarm are non essential alarm. Eventually they stop responding even to critical alarms. Look for a SCADA master that includes tools to filter out nuisance alarms.

Expansion capability : A SCADA system is a long term investment that will last for as long as 10 to 15 years . So you need to Make sure it will support your future growth upto 15 years.

Redundant ,geodlverse backup : The best SCADA system support multiple backup master in saperate location If the primary SCADA master fails , a second master on the network automatically takes over with no interruption of monitoring and control functions.

Supports for multiple protocols and equipment types. Each SCADA system were build on closed , proprietary protocols, single-vendor solution are not a great idea- vendor sometimes drop support for their product or even just go out of business .Support for multiple open protocols safe guards your SCADA system against unplanned obsolences.

Intelligent Control. As | noted above, shophisticated SCADA remotes can control local systems by themselves according to programmed response to sensor inputs. This isn’t necessary for every application, but it done come in handy for some users.